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Master Marketing 1 - Marketing Planning

Posted by Sally Shuttleworth on Oct 6, 2017 9:30:00 AM


In 1910, two teams of explorers – one from England, one from Norway – raced across Antarctica in the the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition; a competition to become the first to set foot on the South Pole. The Norwegian team, who spent a year planning their journey by surveying the inhospitable landscape in detail, won by more than a month. Led by Captain Robert Scott, the British team instead focused on raising cash for expensive scientific equipment and a gamut of transportation methods. Scott – along with all four of his British teammates – not only lost the race, but died on the gruelling journey home.

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Top 10 Tips from our Marketing Directors for Business Growth

Posted by Admin on Nov 8, 2016 8:13:14 AM


Work smarter, not harder - Time is precious, so prioritize your own efforts carefully. In high growth businesses, much time is spent responding to queries or troubleshooting, ending up as the culture of that business.

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What’s the best CRM on the market? It doesn’t matter...

Posted by Stuart Roberts on Sep 18, 2015 3:36:21 PM

It doesn’t matter? Really?

Surely it DOES matter which CRM you decide to use? To some extent, you’re right - but many businesses go into the decision-making process the wrong way round.

Generally, a business owner will realise (or have been told) that they need a CRM, purchase a system and then attempt to work out how it can meet their needs. Without this pre-planning, the tool is used badly, and when usage slows, it’s the system itself that is blamed for the waste of resources.

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Topics: marketing tools, Marketing Plan, marketing strategy, CRM systems, News

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